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Myself, My Art
Art is a way to express ideas and feelings in a visual form.  For a young child, it's the process – the sheer act of doing – that's most important:  "I love mixing up all the colors and watching what happens."  As children get older, they enjoy learning and mastering new skills and techniques and take pride in their finished products. 


2015 Holiday Catalog
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1502 E 55th St, Chicago
(773) 324-6039
M-Sat: 9:30-6; Sun: 11-5

2037 N Clybourn, Chicago
(773) 348-1772
M-Th: 9:30-6; F: 9:30-7
Sat: 9:30-6; Sun: 11-5

5311 N Clark St, Chicago
(773) 769-5311

M-F: 9:30-7; Sat: 9:30-6
Sun: 11-5